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Bronte, Abi and Lisa during the hens nightBronte and Sam during the hens nightJust finishing up a few quick days in Adelaide for Ben and Bronte’s wedding and a little time with my parents.  We arrived just in time for Lisa to attend Bronte’s hens night, she caught up with the girls at the Bath on Norwood Parade for a few drinks and then I picked them all Sam, Jordan and Grace at Morialtaup at the end of the night, making a (very) late night stop at the famous Falafel House on Hindley Street on the way home.  We also managed a bit of a hike up to Morialta Falls in the Adelaide Hills, picking up the Opperman kids from school and taking them with us to see the enormous amount of water flowing with all the recent rain.

Rachel and Bronte during the hens nightAbi, Lisa, Rachel and Bronte during the hens nightAbi and Lisa during the hens night Bronte and Sam out for a late night yiros on Rundle StreetThe Grange Jetty and beachfront Afternoon sun over the Grange JettyGiant's Cave at MorialtaLisa and Grace hiking in Morialta Morialta (the first two sets of falls are on the far right)Morialta


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