Australia’s Best Bakeries

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Regardless of their artery-clogging, tummy-enlarging, generally unhealthy food offerings I find it very difficult to pass through an Australian country town without sampling the fare at the local bakery.  In the Northern Territory and northern Western Australia this wasn’t so much of a problem for us as bakeries were very few and far between.  As we made our way into Perth and south of Western Australia’s capital it seems that I’m now dining for almost every lunch at a new bakery (Lisa joins in when my sounds of enjoyment make it impossible to do otherwise!).  Some of the offerings have been unreal…  I have no doubt that we’ll continue to sample many country bakeries on our travels so want to make sure that I catalogue some of the standouts.

Australia's Best Bakeries


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  1. The Great Southern | Our Walkabout says:

    […] and health food establishments.  Denmark Bakery is the most recent addition to my list of Australia’s Best Bakeries, the storefront is covered with awards from the Perth Royal Show and they were definitely well […]

  2. The Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas | Our Walkabout says:

    […] On our way out of Penong we stopped off at the town’s Woolshed Museum, a collection of farming and household artifacts from yesterday but definitely not a patch on Margaret Brown’s collection on Yorke Peninsula […]

  3. John Kaesler says:

    I hear you Sam! I’ve been reading about your amazing travels but I feel this subject is one I cannot refrain from commenting on.

    I attended a wedding in Mount Gambier the other week and found in difficult to resist the combination of a good ‘road trip’ and bakery fare as well.

    I flew into Adelaide, jumped into a car with a merry band of travellers for the 4.5 hour drive down there and before I had even closed the car door all I could think about was bakery we would be stopping at for lunch. I ended up ‘murdering’ a sausage roll and pastie (both with sauce) in Meningie, a small town bordering The Coorong.

    I would also like to nominate another two worthy recipients for Australia’s Best Bakeries. And the nominees are:
    1) Perryman’s bakery in Tynte Street, North Adelaide; and
    2) Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills, Sydney.

    If you happen to be swinging through Sydney look me up. I’d love to grab a pie or two at the infamous Bourke Street Bakery and have a gab about your travels.

    John Kaesler

  4. Tasman National Park And Port Arthur | Our Walkabout says:

    […] northeastern rainforests we high-tailed it down the east coast (with another stop at the brilliant Blue Edge Bakery in Bicheno) to the Tasman Peninsula and Tasman National Park.  Tasman is one of Tasmania’s […]

  5. Hobart | Our Walkabout says:

    […] and ‘lamb shank and rosemary pie’ between us, both put Jackman and McRoss firmly on my list of Australia’s Best Bakeries (so much so that we had breakfast at Jackman again the next morning on our way to Bruny […]

  6. Farewell | Our Walkabout says:

    […] Like all good things, this journey of ours has finally come to an end.  Since we left San Francisco in April, 2009 we’ve set foot in 11 countries, visited 13 islands, had to learn snippets of seven languages, traveled on 32 different planes, sailed on 15 boats, attended four weddings and ridden in two rickshaws.  In Australia we touched foot on the most easterly and westerly points of the country, visited every capital city, breakfasted on top of the nation’s tallest peak, camped next to the lowest point on the mainland, visited every state and major territory, squirted five bottles of insect repellant and rubbed over three liters of sunscreen into our skin, went through eight pairs of Havaianas thongs and camped in 181 different locations.  And I’d hate to think how many calories of baked goods I consumed developing my map of Australia’s Best Bakeries! […]

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