Camping With Your 4WD

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Camping With Your 4WDCamping With Your 4WDCamping With Your 4WDI’ve been working with a few of the folks at Express Publications over the last few months, they publish an array of 4WD-centric magazines and have been kind enough to publish a few articles cataloguing our trip around Australia.  The first of the articles from our travels through the Top End will be on the shelves in a few weeks, an advance copy was waiting for us at my Dad’s when we arrived into Adelaide a few days ago.  Awesome to see it in the flesh, there’s a few months lag between when I submit the articles and when they hit the shelves.  Here’s a few photos from our first article on Kakadu…


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  1. Diane Bennion says:

    I have been reading your travel log, and have so admired your adventures. What memories you two are experiencing together. I still hear about the year, (45 ye that Lisa’s Mom and Dad spent travelling around EuropeUntil this moment I’ve been silent, but have to let you know how impressed I’ve been with the photography! Both of you, Sam and Lisa, have created something so special and this Composition

  2. Diane Bennion says:

    Don’t know what happened with that comment, but had to let your know how impressive it is to see your walkabout included in this travel publication. Consider this my Christmas Greeting to you, and anyone else who may be reading. Enjoy the Holidays!

  3. JEZZY says:

    wow- you guys are like aussie celebrities

  4. carol says:

    You are the bomb!! Congratulations – it always brings back fond memories – living vicariously is quite all right. Love M

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