Freycinet Peninsula

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Planet View: S42°05.184’ E148°13.942’
Street View: S42°05.184’ E148°13.942’

Freycinet WineryView of the vineyards and Freycinet PeninsulaWe headed east to Freycinet Peninsula in the search of fresh oysters for Dad’s birthday.  Traveling through the state’s warm center the terrain was very different than the cool forests we had previously been camping in.  Rolling golden hills with roaming livestock reminded us a bit of the hills around Sonoma County.  We stopped off at Freycinet Winery to enjoy a sampling of an excellent 2000 sparkling as well as some tasty Pinot Noirs. Once on Freycinet Peninsula we explored the Greg, Lisa and Carol tasting at Freycinet WineryFreycinet WineryNational Park campground before settling on yet another great free campsite at Moulton’s Lagoon.  We enjoyed a celebratory birthday toast for Dad with a great glass of Riesling, some oysters prepared a couple of different ways, and even a few scallops.  The weather was so pleasant that when we reached Coles Bay Sam and I decided we had to A lizard in the sand dunes at Friendly Beachget into the water.  The snorkeling was great with plenty of fish, stingrays and urchins to view, Sam managed to spear us five Yelloweye Mullet and a Leatherjacket for dinner.  Dad Freycinet National Park's Friendly Beachthought the water looked inviting so he joined us the following day for a snorkel after our hike to Wineglass Bay.  The hike to Wineglass Bay was amazing, we walked up a steep hill in Coles Bayand amongst giant boulders that balanced precariously on each other.  The bay earned its name from when the whaling industry used to corral the whales in the giant bay to slaughter them thus turning the water red, pretty nasty really.  The water today is a beautiful turquoise blue and happened to be pumping some good sized swell the morning we were there.  Sam could not pass up the opportunity to go for a quick body surf before we continued our hike across the peninsula to Hazards Beach and then onto the Hazards, concluding an eleven kilometer loop.  Mom and Dad weren’t feeling up to the distance so they tackled the steep steps back up and over the ridge.  Sam speared another meal of fresh fish in the afternoon and we of course had to check out the local bakery for an afternoon snack.  A beautiful sunset and warm campfire was the perfect end to our visit of Freycinet Peninsula.

Lisa overlooking Wineglass Bay Sam, Lisa and Greg enjoying oysters in Coles BayOysters, scallops and wine for Greg's birthday in Coles BayOysters, scallops and wine for Greg's birthday in Coles BayOysters, scallops and wine for Greg's birthday in Coles Bay Lisa getting ready to go snorkeling in Coles BayGreg helping Sam with a Yelloweye Mullet in Coles BaySam spearfishing in Coles BayA Leatherjacket in Coles Bay Greg cnorkeling in Coles BayThe Hazards in Freycinet National ParkSam with some speared Yelloweye Mullet Sam and Lisa snorkeling in Coles Bay Freycinet National Park's The Hazards from our campground in Coles BayYelloweye Mullet and Leatherjacket for dinner in Coles Bay Happy birthday Greg!Happy birthday Greg!Happy birthday Greg! A wallaby on our hike to Wineglass BayLisa and Greg on the way to Wineglass BayA wallaby in Freycinet National ParkA tiny joey in Freycinet National Park Wineglass BayLisa walking along Hazards Beach on our hike back from Wineglass Bay Banksia in Freycinet National ParkSam cooking up a storm in Coles BayHazards Beach on our hike back from Wineglass BayFreycinet National Park Lisa walking along Hazards Beach on our hike back from Wineglass BayA fresh catch of Yelloweye Mullet for dinner in Coles BayPelicans in front of our campsite in Coles Bay Sunset over the lagoon in front of our campsite in Coles Bay (all credit to Lisa on this one...)


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  1. Diana says:

    happy Birthday to Greg and Lisa!

  2. Idaho Youngs says:

    What a way to spend a birthday in such a beautiful location…….Send a “HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY” to Greg.

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