The Blue Mountains

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Planet View: S33°43.536’ E150°18.163’
Street View: S33°43.536’ E150°18.163’

Panoramic of Blue Mountains National Park with the Three Sisters on the left taken from Echo Point

Lisa, Jarrid and Jacque waiting for the shuttle in KatoombaThe Old City Bank pub in KatoombaCommon Ground cafe in KatoombaThe rain continued as we headed into the Blue Mountains, unfortunately no views of the famous escarpments stretching into the distance as we cruised the highway from Penrith to Katoomba.  With the rain pounding down we opted to stay at the Katoomba caravan park instead of braving the bush.  With some fresh clothes we caught the town shuttle to the main street to explore some of the more noteworthy drinking and eating establishments (thanks for the tips Matty!).  We ate dinner and enjoyed a few beers at the Old City Bank pub at the end of Katoomba’s main street, as well as sampling some of the interesting menu items at the alternative-styled Common Ground cafe.

Jarrid and Jacque at the Old City Bank pub in KatoombaCommon Ground cafe in KatoombaThe Old City Bank pub in KatoombaSam and Lisa at the Old City Bank pub in Katoomba 

Leura CascadesChecking for leeches in Leura ForestWe woke on Thursday to stunning blue skies without a single cloud in sight, talk about timing our day of hiking through Blue Mountains National Park!  We got an early start from Echo Point with amazing panoramic views of the Blue Mountains escarpment and the famous Three Sisters, an awe-inspiring view with such clear skies thanks to the previous days of rain.  Our hike took us around the Prince Henry Cliff Walk from Echo Point, past the Three Sisters The hiking trail to Leura Cascadesand toward the Leura Cascades.  Lookouts dot the top of the cliffs all the way to Leura, panorama after panorama made the walk a journey through some amazing vistas all the way to the cascades.  After taking in the picturesque Leura Cascades we Lisa, Jarrid and Jacque on the Scenic Railwaytrudged down the escarpment along an interconnected series of steep stairways through moist temperate rainforest, having to stop a few times along the way to clear our shoes of leeches that we picked up in the dark and damp confines of the undergrowth.  It was a beautiful walk: striking cascades and waterfalls, amazing views and so many different climatic zones along the way.  We took a bit of a shortcut on the way back to Echo Point, instead of walking up the escarpment we took a ride on the Scenic Railway, the steepest funicular railway in the world.  It was definitely a hair-raising trip, we were seated in the front of the carriage as it was pulled backwards up the cliffs, the rail line becoming almost vertical a number of times along the way.  By the time we reached the vehicles back at Echo Point we’d been walking for almost four hours, one of our favourite hikes of the trip for sure.

 Jarrid and Jacque at Echo Point in the Blue Mountains National ParkBlue Mountains National Park Jarrid, Lisa and Jacque at Echo Point in the Blue Mountains National ParkLeura CascadesBlue Mountains National Park The First SisterThe trail through Leura ForestBlue Mountains National ParkJacque walking through Leura ForestLeura Forest Checking for leeches in Leura ForestJarrid and Jacque in Leura ForestButterfly in Leura ForestThe Scenic Railway The Scenic Railway with the Three Sisters in the backgroundSam and Jarrid checking for leeches at the Scenic RailwayLisa and Jacque on the Scenic Railway The cable car in Scenic World in KatoombaWalking to Echo Point from Scenic WorldWalking to Echo Point from Scenic World

Jacque taking a shower at EurokaOur swimming spot in the Nepean River near the Euroka campgroundThe Goose Shack's first water crossingAfter a brilliant day exploring the hiking trails of Katoomba we headed down the mountains to the Euroka campground near Glenbrook, with a mandatory stop-off at Schwarzes Bakery in Wentworth Falls for lunch (thanks again for the tip Matty!).  Euroka (S33°47.989’ E150°36.962’) is located in the westernmost area of Blue Mountains National Park, a welcoming grassy clearing across the Nepean River from Glenbrook.  The girls found a hiking trail from the campsite to the Nepean River, we enjoyed the 30 minute walk to a great swimming spot in the river before returning to camp and enjoying a hot shower courtesy of The Tank.  An awesome spot to spend the night before returning to civilization in Sydney.

Camping at EurokaJarrid tending to the fire at EurokaJacque, Lisa and Jarrid at Euroka in Blue Mountains National Park


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  1. jacque says:

    bye bye gogi berries!! 🙂 thanks! We love you guys and MISS you tons already! Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!

  2. Sam says:

    No worries Jacque! We had an awesome time with you guys, you’re great travel companions. You sure you can’t come back? Bring Baby-G!

  3. carol says:

    were those little leeches you were picking off your shoes and legs — such fond memories of hiking in wet forests. love M

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