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Christmas in Adelaide

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Planet View: S34°51.798’ E138°28.728’ Street View: S34°51.798’ E138°28.728’    


Camping With Your 4WD

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I’ve been working with a few of the folks at Express Publications over the last few months, they publish an array of 4WD-centric magazines and have been kind enough to publish a few articles cataloguing our trip around Australia.  The first of the articles from our travels through the Top End will be on the […]


The Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas

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I forgot to mention one of the highlights of the Nullarbor Plain as we came across a few days ago: the longest golf course in the world.  Stretched across a couple of thousand kilometers, the Nullarbor Golf Links has a hole at each town and a few scenic sights along the plain.  It’d be a […]


Coffin Bay and Lincoln National Parks

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At the southern tip of the Eyre Peninsula are Coffin Bay and Lincoln National Parks: lengthy stretches of striking limestone cliffs and beautiful secluded beaches.  We spent a few days exploring Coffin Bay National Park after stopping off in Coffin Bay itself to sample Australia’s most famous oysters.  We were a little disappointed with the […]


Gallery: The Great Southern to the Nullarbor

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Esperance, Kalgoorlie and Across the Nullarbor

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Esperance (S33°49.946′ E121°53.280′) is often called the ‘Bay of Isles’ due to the myriad of granite islands littered along the coast to the south of the town’s protected harbour.  We spent a few days in Esperance to tend to The Tank, which was due for a major service.  We got in touch with one of […]


The Great Southern

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It was more beautiful beaches, great wineries, quaint country towns and some fantastic mountains as we headed across Western Australia’s Great Southern region over the past week or so.  From Windy Harbor in D’entrecasteaux National Park we headed back inland, across Shannon National Park and toward Denmark.  The famous Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk […]

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