Nora Creina

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Planet View: S37°19.717’ E139°50.945’
Street View: S37°19.717’ E139°50.945’

Sam diving for abalone at Nora CreinaNora CreinaLunch on arrival at Nora CreinaNora CreinaAfter a couple of busy weeks in Adelaide for Christmas, on January 2 we headed off again south along the coast toward Robe and the seaside settlement of Nora Creina.  The Tank had company in Bessie the HJ60 Toyota LandCruiser, and Lisa and I were lucky to have a couple of additions to our troop with Chris (a mate of mine from when I was growing up in Adelaide) and Gina (a friend and ex-colleague of Lisa’s from California) joining us on our travels for a couple of weeks.  My auntie and uncle, Bob and Cathy, with whom we stayed a few months ago in Darwin, recently purchased a beach shack in The front deck at Bob and Cathy's shack at Nora Creinathe tiny seaside settlement of Nora Creina, which is roughly 25 kilometers south from Robe.  Nora Creina is an eclectic collection of Chris, Lisa and Gina on the front deckroughly 50 beach shacks nestled on a rocky outcrop between Stinky Beach (lots of seaweed = not such a nice smell at low tide) and the beautiful Nora Creina Bay.  The bay is roughly a kilometer of beautiful beach and protected water, a great spot for swimming albeit a little cold even in the middle of summer.  Bob and Cathy’s shack has got to be at one of the best locations in the entire community, with sweeping views of Nora Creina Bay and the rocky Nora Creinaoutcroppings dropping into the Southern Ocean.  Really a majestic An afternoon of succesful abalone divingspot…  The rocks around Nora Creina abound with all types of fish, crayfish (Southern Rock Lobster) and a plethora of abalone.  Bob had a few fresh crayfish waiting for us for lunch on arrival, including one monster specimen that tipped the scales at a little over 2.5 kilograms (5.5 pounds), a real treat given that fresh crayfish runs roughly $85 per kilogram!  I managed to spear a juvenile Morwong and snag a few nice-sized abalone for our dinner one night, it was a few days of fantastic company, great food, a few too many beers and some great new card games from Gina.  Hopefully when we’re retired one day we’re lucky enough to have somewhere like Nora Creina to get away from it all, a really special spot!

Bessie and The Tank leaving AdelaideLisa, Jenni, Sam and Gina as we were leaving AdelaideBessie at the gate to Nora CreinaThe Tank heading into Nora Creina Lisa holding a 2.5 kilogram crayfishThe front deck at Bob and Cathy's shack at Nora CreinaThe front deck at Bob and Cathy's shack at Nora Creina Bob preparing crayfish for lunchLisa and Gina with a mountain of crayfishLisa with a mountain of fresh crayfishSam attacking some crayfish spiders Sam, Bob, Gina and ChrisCathy, Bob, Lisa and Gina enjoying the afternoon sunThe coastline in front of Bob and Cathy's shack at Nora Creina The coastline in front of Bob and Cathy's shack at Nora CreinaNora Creina sunset from the shackColourful Lisa one morning at Nora Creina (notice the socks Carol) Bob and Cathy taking a morning walkBob, Gina, Sam, Chris and Lisa around the dinner table at Nora CreinaSam trimming abalone on the front deck Cathy and Bob relaxing with a bookBob relaxing with a bookChris and Lisa heading out for an afternoon of fishing at Nora CreinaSam and a succesful shot Chris, Cathy, Gina and Lisa admiring the dinner spreadFresh fish, salad and some good-looking steaks for dinnerA couple of days of hard work...Chris driving Bessie out of Nora Creina


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  1. Sophie says:

    Great photos of the shack Sam, cool place hey. omg dad looks sooo black!! and you both are looking nice and tanned as well! xo

  2. Genevieve says:

    OMG That seafood looks amaaazzing!

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